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This is where to come for information on classes in central London and Essex in Mizong Quan and traditional Yang-style 85-step Taiji Quan, taught by an experienced shifu from China, Lu JunHai.


Lu Jun Hai Shifu

Lu Jun Hai Shifu with BroadswordLu JunHai was born in Cangzhou on October 11, 1941. He began studying martial arts with his father at the age of six. His father was a strict teacher and Lu JunHai spent the first three years just perfecting his basic stances, punches, kicks and footwork (Tan Tui ). His flawless execution even to this day is undoubtedly the result of this earlier foundation.

He began performing at twelve years of age, in public and at martial arts tournaments. By the time he was eighteen years old he was the captain of the Shanghai Traditional Martial Arts Youth Team. He did not lose his passion for the martial arts even during the Cultural Revolution and was once voted one of Shanghai's top ten martial arts masters.

History of Mizong Kung Fu

Most modern day Mizong practitioners trace the art's origin to a man named Sun Tong who popularised the form in the 18th century. He was a native of Shandong province and was born in 1722. He learned martial arts from a teacher named Zhang and then spent ten years refining his skills while living in the Shaolin Temple. After he left the temple, he travelled around China, teaching martial arts in Hebei Province, ending up settling in Hebei’s Cangzhou Prefecture. He was not only skilled in Shaolin systems but also a practioner of Jinna (joint locking), dianmai (pressure point striking), bagua (eight trigrams) and the use of classical weapons. One of Sun’s top disciples was a man named Chen Shan (2nd Generation Mizong Master) who in turn taught his style to others. They named their style Mizong Quan (Secret Buddhist Sect Boxing).

Huo Yuanjia

Another branch of Mizong (a cousin style of the one practised here) grew in the mid 19th century in Jinhai County, which neighbours Cangzhou, in a family led by a caravan bodyguard/armed escort Huo Endi. According to the China Sports Publication, Huo was a well-known boxer who passed on his skills to sons, including Huo Yuanjia (1869-1909). Although he was the weakest and smallest of the Huo children his reputed courage and exploits made famous the Huo family system, which they called Mizong Yi.  During the decline of the Qing Dynasty and the encroachment of the foreign powers in China, he became a national hero and source of Chinese pride when he won several highly-publicised encounters with foreign strongmen.

The story of his life is familiar to many martial arts followers and fans of Bruce Lee, who played Huo’s disciple in the film “Fists of Fury” and in Jet Li’s film “Fists of Legend”. Huo established the Jingwu Physical Culture association, but after his death (allegedly from poisoning by unsuccessful challengers) other popular styles of the period were incorporated into it. This colourful heritage gave birth to a branch of the art called Mizong Luohan (Lost Track Buddha Guardian Fist). This style formed the core of the martial arts curriculum taught at Hong Kong’s South China Athletic Association.Class Information

Northern Shaolin Mizong Boxing - Instructor Shifu Kevin Kilnminster Thursday 18:30 hrs - 20:00 hrs - Royal Liberty School, Upper Brentwood Road, Essex, RM2 6HJ (map)

Sunday 09:30hrs - 11:00hrs - Scouts' Hall in Gidea Park, RM11 2BZ

Saturday 09:00 hrs - 10:30 hrs (Children); 10:30 hrs - 12:00 hrs (Adults) - Hornchurch Sports Centre

Yang Tai Chi (Traditional) - Instructor Shifu Kevin Kilnminster Sunday 11:00hrs - 12:30 hrs - Scouts' Hall in Gidea Park,  RM11 2BZ

Yang Tai Chi - Instructor Shifu Karl Lancaster Monday Broadway Theatre Barking 11.30-12.30AM and Valence Library Becontree Avenue Dagenham 1.30-2.30PM